A tribute to Prince Phillip

I grew up hearing stories about 1stLieutenant Phillip from my father who was the 2nd lieutenant on the bridge of the Flower class Corvette where they served together. In those days, ‘Philip’ was a penniless émigré fighting the Nazis on the high seas. When he married Princess Elizabeth he had to undergo the most profound transition…

A tribute to Prince Phillip

Einstein and the Avogadro Number

For a physicist, Albert Einstein (1879-1955) took a remarkable interest in physical chemistry. His doctoral thesis, submitted in 1905, was concerned with determining the dimensions of molecules. And his famous paper from the same year on Brownian motion has at its core the molecular-kinetic theory, a cornerstone of physical chemistry. In both these works, and […]

Einstein and the Avogadro Number

A Mall of Old: Pompano Fashion Square

Malls are a fast-dying breed, a process accelerated by the COVID plague. Here’s a memory of one in South Florida: the J.C. Penney’s entrance to the Pompano Fashion Square, August 1973. It was Broward County’s first regional shopping centre.

Pompano Fashion Square, August 1973

It’s since been redeveloped, but back in the day, the mall was the place to be, especially in South Florida’s hot, humid climate.

Plotting Graphs With a Spreadsheet

For those of you who may not be familiar with how to do this, here is a video on how to plot graphs (and trend lines) on a spreadsheet:

For my students there are a few things that need to be added:

  • Don’t delete the legend as he does; move it to the bottom of the graph (an option when you right click the legend.)
  • You’ll need to include the R2 coefficient along with the trend line equation; that option is included when you set up the trend line.
  • I prefer you look at polynomial regression last rather than just after linear. (Linear is obviously where you start.)
  • Add major grid lines to the x-axis (same place as when you add the x-axis legend.)

The Grand Finale of the North Shore Line — Transportation History

January 21, 1963 Early on a subzero Monday morning, the Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad – popularly known as the North Shore Line (NSL) – made its final run after nearly 47 years of service between northeastern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin. United Press International (UPI) reported, “The last train of the North Shore railroad – […]

The Grand Finale of the North Shore Line — Transportation History