It’s bad enough that a federal judge has ordered a Massachusetts child to learn about the homosexual lifestyle to the end that the child will become a "productive citizen."  What really hit me personally was the following:

However, in April 2006 the same school presented the book "King and King," about homosexual romances and marriage, to second-graders and again refused to provide notification.

Parker and other parents followed with the federal civil rights lawsuit, alleging school officials were refusing to follow state law.

Just days later, David Parker’s son, Jacob, was beaten up at Estabrook Elementary, officials said. MassResistance said a group of 8-10 kids surrounded him and took him out of sight of "patrolling aides," then pummeled and beat him.

One of the hardest lessons I found growing up in Palm Beach is that peer pressure has the force of law when the "authorities" either can’t or won’t do anything about it.  Moreover I don’t think that this act of bullying was coincidental either.  I suppose it’s all part of the "socialisation" that public schools (and some private ones as well) are supposed to be so good at doing.  Had Jacob Parker attacked one of his peers, the consequences would have doubtless been frightful.