The idiotic case of Jerry Rabinowitz suing Palm Beach County because same had the bad taste to use Emmanuel Catholic Church as a polling place is another example of a hypersensitive humanist forcing the waste of tax dollars to make him feel better about his convictions (or lack of them.)

Churches (and synagogues and mosques for that matter) are convenient polling places because their use is low when voting takes place in the U.S.  The County’s use of these is sensible.

It’s worthy of note that the running battle Ann Coulter has had with the County over where to vote is because she left one Palm Beach polling place (St. Edwards Catholic Church) and went to another (Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church.)

As far as the posters and signs are concerned, there are three possibilities:

  1. They can reinforce the convictions of those who agree with them.
  2. They can inspire those that don’t to anger.  But the best way to express that anger is to vote for others who are just as angry.
  3. They can be ignored.  Rest assured that even many who come to Mass ignore them.  Polls show that the convictions of Roman Catholics don’t vary that much from the general population, in spite of the exhortations of their church.

Back in the Soviet Union, there were propaganda posters everywhere.  Even in the dry cleaning establishments.  ("Better dry cleaning through Communism?")  But the posters didn’t prevent the collapse of the country.

The endless barrage of litigation such as this is a sign of the insecurity of the plaintiffs (and their supporters.)  The biggest surprise is that, in a stronghold of "God-hating liberalism" like South Florida, one judge actually dismissed this kind of litigation.