In the middle of this political year, let’s take a break and look at something really important: high speed police car chases.  How can we avoid them?  One solution from South Florida is shown below.

This of course is a Ford Pinto, used by Old Port Cove (near West Palm Beach, FL) as a patrol car.  This photo was taken in 1974.

The high speeds are eliminated because the Pinto wasn’t a very fast car to start with, either with the 1.6 or the 2.0 litre engine.  Moreover, any law enforcement officer who valued his life would think twice before placing the car in a position where high speed rear impact might be possible, because of the Pinto’s legendary property of its petrol tank exploding.

Such a vehicle would end high speed police chases, because no self respecting police officer would be caught near one, either on the road or at the Krispy Kreme.