The death of West Boca Raton High School cheerleader captain Stephanie Kuleba during breat augmentation surgery strikes me as singularly sad.  To start with, I went to prep school in Boca Raton, and her love for the Beatles’ "Hey Jude" only takes me back to the world that inspired The Ten Weeks.  My heart and condolences go out to her friends and family.

Now I know that a reaction to anaesthaesia is possible with any kind of surgery.  That’s one reason why doctors aren’t as "knife happy" as they were when I was growing up (how my mother found that out the hard way!)  But to die in surgery for this reason–especially someone who was described by her peers as "perfect"–is very, very hard to take.  The allure of the results of this kind of procedure (from the standpoint of observers of the opposite sex, at least) is maternal.  And let me assure you that, if a guy is obsessed with mother, you need to look for someone else!

It ain’t worth it.