ACI’s Dr. Philip Turner’s case about Episcopal Presiding Bishop Kathering Jefferts Schori not knowing what she was doing was going pretty well until he said the following:

When first I learned that the Presiding Bishop was not going to greet the Pope, I wondered if, because of her gender and her controversial positions on a number of issues, she had not been invited.  I was relieved to learn that she had been invited, but troubled by the fact that she sent regrets because of scheduling conflicts.  Upon further enquiry, I learned that the scheduling conflicts involved visits to the parish of Bethesda by the Sea in Palm Beach and the Cathedral in Miami and the Episcopal Diocese of Utah (where she was scheduled to dedicate a new diocesan center).

Silly boy!  Doesn’t he know that to be called to Palm Beach and Bethesda is far greater than to meet with the Pope?  It is the centre of the universe, after all!

However: if His Holiness had visited St. Edward’s, he could have trumped (pun intended) the Presiding Bishop, and added immeasurable glory to his visit.