He’s trying to make inroads with Washington socialites:

While publicly identifying with the nation’s have-nots, the Obama administration has been cultivating the Beltway social elite behind the scenes.

Earlier this year, the Obama administration invited top editors of three of Washington’s local luxury lifestyle magazines – Capitol File, DC magazine and Washington Life – to a meeting where they discussed, among other things, how President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama can embrace Washington’s glittery social scene.

The White House is “identifying taste makers in order to help create grass-roots interest in some of the programs they are working on,” said Washington Life’s Michael Clements, who attended the meeting. “They wanted to introduce themselves. It was certainly a departure from previous administrations.”

Although I’ve had ancestors in both the Washington and Chicago social scenes, there’s no social scene like Palm Beach‘s.

I find the whole concept of cultivating socialites in order to forward a levelling agenda disingenuous.  People will most predictably move in their own self-interest.  But, if you’re going to be the Elitist Snob, do it right.  Head to the Colony and make a splash.