When it comes to selling the property to the Palm Beach Day Academy:

A bid to sell the Unity of the Palm Beaches for $3.65 million to the Palm Beach Day Academy failed to win the required approval from church members at an Oct. 4 vote.

But the deal is not dead yet, say officials from the both sides of the sale.

According to the church’s newsletter, 84 members voted on a proposal to sell the property at 1957 S. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach to the Day Academy. A yes vote by 75 percent of the voting members was needed in order to approve the sale.

With only 72.3 percent voting for the sale, 26.5 percent voting against the sale and 1.2 percent abstaining, the proposal failed.

The sale would include the property, which runs from Flagler Drive to Olive Avenue, with a 10,386 square-foot church building and a 3,737 square-foot school building. The 2009 appraised value of the property is $1.48 million, according to the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser’s website.

Oh, well…

Unity (the denomination) used to have a program from 0645-0700 on WPTV (Channel 5) in the 1960’s, back when WPTV really was “Palm Beach Television,” i.e., their studios were on the island.