VirtueOnline chronicles the adventures of the Rev. Marta Weeks in her quest for same sex marriage:

The American Anglican Council blew the whistle on the “Listening process” revealing that a $1.5 million gift came from The Rev. Marta Weeks, a retired Episcopal priest. Now Meeks openly advocates same-sex blessings. The money given by the Episcopal priest will be monitored by a group of sex “experts” who advocate a vision of sexual freedom and “justice” that bears little resemblance to mainstream Christian doctrine or tradition. At least one of these “experts” believes that pornography, bestiality, and multiple sex partners are not inherently harmful or wrong, wrote Robert Lundy of AAC.

I think the “listening process” has always stunk.

But my first question when reading this was simple: how did an Episcopal minister (or “priest” as they like to say, although they turn around and don’t want women to be referred to as “priestesses,” even though it’s logical) become a millionaire?  Isn’t this the church of social justice?  Haven’t we gotten past the church where scions of prominent families who weren’t cut out for the family business encouraged to become men of the cloth?

Not entirely.  Not, evidently, in the land where the animals are tame and the people run wild.

This piece, from the University of Miami’s website, explains things in part:

The Reverend Weeks and her late husband, L. Austin Weeks, have provided significant philanthropic support for the University in many areas, including a naming gift for the Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library and Technology Center at the Frost School of Music, a naming gift for the L. Austin Weeks Center for Recording and Performance also at the Frost School, endowed scholarships at the School, the Lewis G. Weeks Chair in Geology at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, established by Marta in memory of her father-in law, the L. Austin Weeks Family Endowed Chair in Urologic Research at the Miller School of Medicine, generous support for tactual speech at the Mailman Center for Child Development, International Education and Exchange scholarships through the Division of Continuing and International Education, and the building fund for the M. Christine Schwartz Center for Nursing and Health Studies, among others.

Marta, Austin and their children came to Miami in 1967 during his employment as a geological oceanographer with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Austin later began his own consulting business, became involved with Weeks Petroleum Ltd., a Bermuda-based company founded by his father, and passed away in February 2005.

It’s easy, rich kids: she inherited it.  (Looks like her husband did, too.)  Some things don’t change in the Episcopal Church.

If she really wants to do something worthwhile, she could work to send civil marriage to the bottom of the Straits of Florida, unlike her idiotic bishop who won’t afford “Christian” marriage to those who don’t want it from the state.

One side note: I did know a scion of the Lodge family (they make the cast iron cookware) who was an Episcopal minister, and a Charismatic one at that.  But he actually worked in the business as well.  The liberals then didn’t like charismatics, and they sure don’t like them now…