Well, at least the rich:

A fledging private effort to rein in the amount of taxes residents pay for county programs is taking shape.

About a dozen residents met Thursday at the North End (of Palm Beach) home of Town Council President David Rosow to discuss how to achieve that objective, according to resident Stuart Shulman.

The group is set to meet again May 27, when it will try to decide whether to form a political action committee or work in another way to convince members of the Palm Beach County Commission and other taxing entities such as the school district to spend town residents’ tax dollars wisely, Shulman said.

“We pay so much taxes to the county and we get so little in return,” Shulman said. “We want to talk to people, go over their budgets and see where we can cut their budgets.”

Part of the plan is to support candidates for elected offices in the county who pledge fiscal responsibility, Shulman said.

“That’s pretty much it. If we can help the cut their budget, it will cut our taxes. It affects every single resident of Palm Beach who pays taxes,” Shulman said.

If we could figure out how to put these people together with those of lesser means, we just might beat this “drunken sailor” spending by our government.  But in our current political climate, don’t hold your breath.