But that’s still NPR’s line re the firing of Juan Williams, as elucidated at the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches:

When asked about the firing of Juan Williams by NPR for comments he made on Fox News, (NPR Political Editor Ken) Rudin said he regretted the way it happened, but it was almost inevitable. Rudin said he doesn’t think commentators should appear on both NPR and FOX because Fox is opinion and NPR is news.

It’s not a liberal versus conservative issue,  Rudin said, because he would feel the same way about an NPR commentator going on Olbermann’s or Maddow’s show.

“Juan was a time bomb waiting to happen because he was saying a lot of incendiary things, and that’s what you do when you go on Fox,” Rudin said.

“You can’t serve two masters, especially Fox, which doesn’t believe in the same journalistic principles that we do.”

That has to rate one of the most sanctimonious things I’ve ever heard a liberal say, and that’s saying a lot…

Juan Williams is probably one of the least incendiary people who regularly appear on cable news, period.  I don’t always agree with him but he makes sense and I admire him.

Dragging MSNBC into this is a red herring (literally), although I suspect that NPR sees MSNBC as sharing/competing for the same audience.  And no one is going on Olbermann’s show in the near future, because Bathtub Boy has been suspended for contributing to Democrats (surprise)!

It just gets crazier and crazier…