That should have been the comeback of Palm Beach apartment building owner Robert Roddy as he faces fines of US$250/day for not getting his town-mandated repairs complete on schedule:

It looks as though fines will begin mounting against property owner Robert Roddy as he repairs his vacant 1938 apartment building at 332 S. County Road following a ruling Thursday by the town’s Code Enforcement Board.

Roddy, who has appeared before the board several times this year, was to have all work done inside the three-story building by today.

But on Thursday he said he needed until Feb. 28 to get everything done.

Earlier planned completion dates were Aug. 1, Oct. 31 and Dec. 1.

Part of the problem, of course, if that he started this as a DIY project, which just isn’t the Palm Beach way.

The Town isn’t amused, but from the sound of it they just might cut him some slack once his repairs are done.  Then again, stuff just don’t go unfixed in Palm Beach.