A few “snowbirds” are finding this out the hard way:

Palm Beacher Jessie Araskog said Saturday she and her husband, Rand, decided to evacuate their Southampton home and get a suite at the St. Regis hotel in Manhattan. “We are all boarded up and ready for the storm,” Araskog said.

Jessie Araskog said her daughter, Kathy; son-in-law Andrew Thomas; and the couple’s children decided to stay in Southampton at the home of a friend. People who live inland have offered shelter to residents of the coastal areas, she said. “They’ve been very generous,” she said.

Araskog said she and her husband expect to be back in Southampton once the storm passes.

Palm Beach–along with much of South Florida–is very much a “seasonal” proposition.  People come from the North in the winter and return in the summer.   The reasons to do this are numerous: it’s hot in Florida during the summer, everybody else we know does it, we’ve always done it this way, etc., etc.

But one reason given is usually the clincher–to get away from hurricane season.  This time, however, hurricane season has followed the snowbirds, much to the amusement of year round residents, past and present.

But you have to admit that using the St. Regis as a hurricane evacuation shelter–Rand Araskog is a former CEO of ITT and a member a Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church–is a fantastic concept.