He officially becomes a Democrat:

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist‘s decision to formally join the Democratic Party – making the announcement via Twitter after a fist bump from President Obama – suggests to his critics a savvy political chameleon prepping for a 2014 gubernatorial run against Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

Few tears shed over this one…but let’s look at the following:

At the 2008 Republican Governors Association meeting, which Crist hosted in Miami, he said, “This party can no longer hope to reach Hispanics, African Americans and other minority groups – we need to just do it. Embracing cultures and lifestyles will make us a better party and better leaders. This desire for inclusiveness is near and dear to my heart….”

In his case it worked too well: two years later he lost his Republican Senate primary to the very Hispanic Marco Rubio.

As we say in Evangelical circles, be careful about what you pray for: you might just get it.