I mentioned a short time ago that the “fives” were well equipped with anniversaries.  I just realised that I have missed one: the 20 January 1965 visit of Belgian Prince Alexandre de Rethy to our business and home in Palm Beach, complete with a reception at the Colony.  You can view the account of that visit here.

The reception at the Colony. Prince Alexandre is in the foreground, to the left of the “gap” in the table. clockwise from the Prince is my mother Mrs. Vernell Warrington, Mr. Willy Nilens, Mrs. Wiggs, Mr. Georges van de Velde, Mrs. Rolande Nilens, my father Mr. Henry Warrington, Mrs. Marguerite van de Velde, Mr. Earle Evans (my father’s sales manager,) Mrs. Lee Evans, and Mr. Ken Wiggs, whose construction company built our offices and plant in Florida. Standing in the back is “Van,” the Colony’s maitre d’ and a Belgian himself. (Photo by Mort Kaye Studios, Palm Beach)

Prince Alexandre sadly passed away in 2009.