In this post, we will see the book Fifty Years Of Soviet Aircraft Cosntruction by A. S. Yakovlev. About the book This brief outline of the development of aircraft construction in the Soviet Union during the fifty years of Soviet power does not claim to be a comprehensive and profound analysis of the building up […]

Fifty Years of Soviet Aircraft Construction – Yakovlev — Mir Books

There are a couple of reasons why we present the link to this book.

The first is that it gives an interesting overview to aircraft design during the 1930’s (Chet’s main era) and the 1940’s (World War II, or the Great Patriotic War.) This includes a Soviet/Loyalist view of the Spanish Civil War.

The second is that the author’s (A.S. Yakovlev) unacknowledged son, D.A. Trifonov-Yakovlev, worked with the Vulcan Iron Works during the time when Vulcan was deeply involved in Russia during the after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This included the Sea Water Hammer project, which was one of Vulcan’s last technical projects.

The lack of sonship acknowledgement was evidently mutual: Trifonov-Yakovlev never admitted to being the great A.S. Yakovlev’s son. This contradicted Alexander Pushkin’s famous quote, “To feel proud of our ancestors’ glory is not only what we can but must be…” and why this quote appears at the introduction to this site.