Low Temperature Properties Of Polymers – Perepechko

In this post, we will see the book Low Temperature Properties Of Polymers by I. Perepechko. About the book The purpose of this book is to systematize the available material and to delineate the principal trends in the investigation of those closely interrelated properties—thermal (heat capacity, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion), acoustical, dielectric, visco- elastic, etc.—which govern […]

Low Temperature Properties Of Polymers – Perepechko

Manual of the Theory of Elasticity, by V.G. Rekach

An introduction to problems in the theory of elasticity. You can download the book by clicking here. Contents are as follows:

  • Notation
  • Chapter I Theory of Stress
    • I. Static and Dynamic Equilibrium Equations
    • II. Surface Conditions
    • III. State of Stress at a Point
    • Problems
  • Chapter 2 Theory of Strain
    • I. Strain Equations in Orthogonal Co-ordinates
    • II. State of Strain at a Point
    • III. Cesaro’s Formulas
    • Problems
  • Chapter 3 Basic Equations of the Theory of Elasticity and Their Solution for Special Cases
    • I. Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinates
    • II .Rectangular Coordinates
    • III. Cylindrical Coordinates
    • IV. Spherical Coordinates
    • Problems.
  • Chapter 4 General Solutions of the Basic Equations of the Theory of Elasti­city. Solution of Three-dimensional Problems
    • I. Harmonic Equation (Laplace’s)
    • II. Biharmonic Equation
    • III. Boundary Value Problems for the Harmonic and Biharmonic Equations
      IV. Various Forms of the General Solutions of Lame’s Equations
    • Problems
  • Chapter 5 Plane Problem in Rectangular Coordinates
    • I. Plane Stress
    • II. Plane Strain
    • III. Solution of Basic Equations
    • Problems
  • Chapter 6 Plane Problem in Polar Coordinates
  • I. Plane Stress
    • II. Plane Strain
    • III. Solution of Basic Equations
    • Problems
  • Chapter 7 Torsion of Prismatic and Cylindrical Bars
    • I. Pure Torsion of Bars of Constant Section
    • II. Pure Torsion of Circular Bars (Shafts) of Variable Section
    • Problems
  • Chapter 8 Thermal Problem
    • I. Steady-state Thermal Process
    • II. Transient Thermal Process
    • Problems
  • Chapter 9 Contact Problem
    • I. The Action of Punches on an Elastic Half-Plane
    • II. The Action of Punches on an Elastic Half-Space
    • III. Contact Between Two Elastic Bodies
    • Problems
  • Chapter 10 Dynamic Problem
    • I. Simple Harmonic Motion
    • II. Propagation of Volume Waves in an Elastic Isotropic Medium
    • III. Wave Propagation Over the Surface of an Elastic Body
    • IV. Excitation of Elastic Waves by Body Forces
    • V. Deformation of Solids Under Centrifugal Forces
    • VI. Plane Dynamic Problems
    • VII. Thermodynamic Problem
  • References
  • Author Index
  • Subject Index

Problems in Undergraduate Physics

In this post, we will see a series of books Problems in Undergraduate Physics.  About the series This set of four books of problems is based on a translation of a Russian collection which has been in use by students in physics at Moscow State University and the Moscow Physico-Technical In­stitute for a number of […]

Problems in Undergraduate Physics

Principles of Electrodynamics – A. N. Matveyev

In this post, we will look at the book Principles of Electrodynamics by A. N. Matveyev (Matveev). We have seen other books by Matveev in the past, Mechanics and Theory of Relativity, Optics, Molecular Physics, and Electricity and Magnetism. About the book In this book, we have a clear, concise introduction, on the intermediate level, […]

Principles of Electrodynamics – A. N. Matveyev