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Welding: Design, Construction and Maintenance

U.S. Navy Underwater Cutting and Welding Manual

1 April 1989
Change B, 1 June 2002

Ship Salvage, Harbor Clearance and Wreck Removal oftentimes require extensive underwater cutting and welding. The lack of recent fleet experience in these areas dictates the need for a manual that incorporates state of the art equipment and tried and proven underwater cutting and welding techniques. The knowledge contained in this manual is a collection of fleet and commercial experience. It has been reviewed by technical experts with extensive salvage and underwater cutting and welding experience.

Welding: Design, Procedures and Inspections

UFC 3-320-01A
1 March 2005

Replaces TM 5-805-7, 20 May 1985, which is also available.

This document provides criteria and guidance for the design and specification of welded structural components and systems in accordance with current technology, standards and materials. This includes information on design approaches, use of technical manuals, guidance on the application of codes and industry standards, and the design and specification of welded details, inspection and quality. The scope of this document is welding for general building construction for military applications, and does not include underwater, piping, or cryogenic applications, bridges, sheet steels, or the welding of materials other than structural steel. A building is defined as any structure, fully or partially enclosed, used or intended for sheltering persons or property.

Welding Materials Handbook

July 1991

A practical “how-to” guide for a wide variety of material and repair situations, this handbook describes various welding materials and techniques available. The emphasis is placed upon interchangeability of materials ordinarily found. Although complete coverage of all possible materials and their various applications is not furnished, the data provided in this handbook will cover many maintenance situations. The handbook also describes several related maintenance techniques, including wear facing, MAPP Gas Welding, and some cold processes that can be substituted for welding procedures in certain maintenance applications.

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