The trials of Harvard student Janie Fredell’s ongoing–but at least no longer solo–battle to uphold the Christian sexual ethic in her own life are yet another example of something that has been going on for a long time.

I’ve taken some heat on this subject before, but I’ll say it again: this society, and especially the liberals that dominate much of it, takes as given the idea that the only fulfilled life is a sexually active life.  And as far as the intense pressure goes, it looks like what I kind of posited as "hypothetical" in my last post is altogether too real for members of the True Love Revolution:

Other than reminding me of a speech I put in my first novel, what strikes me about this is that it overlooks the opposite possibility: that people would be forced to have sex, "pluriform" sex (to use a good TEC revisionist word) in order to belong.  How this inversion happens is the result of the relationship of morality and community standards, something I discuss in The Trouble With Morality.

I don’t make a very clear distinction between the force of law and the force of peer pressure; in a society where shared values are so important, you can’t.  The situation that has has been around since at least the days of The Ten Weeks continues for those of us who uphold true love.