The authorities in the land "where the animals are tame and the people run wild" (South Florida) have struck again, this time by blocking the beach baptisms of LifePointe Church in Homestead.  Travis Johnson is the pastor of this church; you can see his link in the blogroll on the left.

You’d think that the police in that area, given what else happens on beaches in South Florida, would have better things to do with their time and resources.  Evidently they don’t think so, and that’s a good part of why South Florida is the place it is.

I’m sure that many Evangelicals wonder why I take the attitude I do towards the higher secular powers in our society.  But it’s hard to reflexively link "God and country" when you’ve lived in a place and with people who work so hard to separate the two.  That’s one of the main reasons why I wrote this and really all of this as well.

Fortunately Travis has about an hour’s worth of video documenting all of this.  I hope he shares it with us.