This, from John Podhertz:

The poll could, of course, be an outlier. But if it even begins to approximate the truth, it is huge news. No Republican has scored more than 39 percent of the Jewish vote in modern times, and that was Ronald Reagan in 1980, following a series of missteps by the Carter administration. These sorts of numbers for McCain have implications in two other states particularly — Florida and Pennsylvania.

In Florida, the implications are obvious. Obama’s own Jewish organizers in Florida are telling the campaign they are finding profound resistance to him, particularly in South Florida. The polling overall there seems to be moving inexorably in McCain’s direction, which is necessary for him; it is nearly impossible to see how he can win the election if he loses Florida.

For those of us who have grown up and lived with Jewish people, this is an event.

My guess is that the Jewish community is uneasy about Obama’s commitment to Israel, a well-justified uneasiness.  They fear that he will adopt the same appeasement tactics that the Europeans have vis-a-vis the Arab world, which I think he would.  And the Jews know that, if he won’t defend them in Israel, he won’t defend them at home.  And the Jews know better than anyone else on the planet what that means.