Camille Paglia shares a concern:

I am very concerned about whether our professional class, buffed all shiny and bright by the elite universities, will ever have the will or stamina to defend this nation in a major crisis. As I’ve predicted for years, we’re heading down a path similar to that of the Roman empire — with a sophisticated, self-absorbed upper class enjoying a comfortable lifestyle whose security is maintained by a career military (increasingly foreign or mercenary as Rome declined). Soldiers must do or die by the good judgment or shallow caprice of a nation’s leaders, who are the ones who bear all moral responsibility in this matter.

It’s easy for me to respond to that: no, they don’t have that stamina.  They haven’t for a long time.  That was one of the hard lessons growing up with them.  Going to those elite universities to be “buffed all shiny and bright” only made matters worse.

If there’s one objection I have to the Evangelical view of the U.S., it’s that we’re “taking America back for God.”  The top of the country was lost many years ago, and most Evangelicals didn’t understand it then and don’t understand it now.  And they don’t understand how important that is, even in a populist country like the U.S.  Grasping that–which is one of the points of this–would have made the “Religious Right” movement have a better chance for success, but we’ve lost too much time now.