Meet the Press host David Gregory lays it out for Palm Beachers at the Colony:

The United Nations-sanctioned military action against Libya is dangerous because no one knows what will happen there if the rebels gain the upper hand, television journalist David Gregory told a Palm Beach audience on Monday.

There also is the threat of the United States and its allies being lured into a protracted military conflict, said Gregory, moderator of NBC News’ Meet The Press.

“If there is an Obama doctrine, it’s not to have the United States lead the way in another long, drawn-out military engagement in the Middle East,” he said.

Well, it was the Obama Doctrine.

I have never seen a conflict that has drawn scepticism from such a broad spectrum of Americans as this one, not necessarily in number, but in ideology.  The scepticism is justified.  You don’t elect a buddy of William Ayers to do stuff like this, but that’s what’s going on in our surreal political situation these days.  (And Mr. Gregory’s comments re the budget bear repeating, too.)