The Ten Weeks revolves around an interesting set of characters, to say the least. Long before the time of streaming and mp3, they had their music too, but they had different ways of playing it–8-track, the emerging cassette, and of course the best of the bunch, the enduring medium of vinyl.

BSR turntable. Probably the most popular turntable of the Ten Weeks era, they were fitted into thousands of consoles, “portables” and the occasional stand-alone turntable. This one had a magnetic cartridge; most of them sported ceramic cartridges, which were cheap but hard on the vinyl, which is why so many used records from the era sound so bad.

So let’s “drop the needle” and sort through what they were listening to, “grooving” to (literally) and expressing what was at the bottom of their souls. In some cases, you can even fill up your iPod, iPhone or mp3 player with it and experience what they did. Some of the links are to videos of concerts of the era or later ones, so you can see it as well as hear it.

Denise Kendall

“The only thing average about her was her height. Her wavy, medium brown hair, wrapped into a ponytail that never quite hung straight, sat atop a well-tanned, husky, athletic physique…” (p. 43)
Denise was one of those people who had to be in absolute control of her situation. When you read what happens when she wasn’t, you’ll find out why.

The Music Denise Lived:

Love Like a Man
Ten Years After, Cricklewood Green

“‘Be seeing you,’ Terry said cheerily as Denise turned and walked away. Cathy fumed like she was about to explode when Terry softly sang, ‘Love like a man. . .’ Cathy started giggling, and Terry broke down with her. ‘You’re wicked…'” (p. 47)

The Music Denise Liked:

Pressed Rack and Warthog”
Cream, Wheels of Fire

“‘All of these twits…they’re all short timers. Like Pressed Rat and Warthog, they’ll never come back. Trust me.'” (p. 228)

Marguerite "Vannie"<br />van Bokhoven

“She was almost Denise’s alter ego, with fairer complexion and slighter build than her imperious friend. Her wide green eyes reminded some people of the shallow waters of the Cresca Sound, but her face reflected an uncertainty that drew her to stick with Denise for stability.” (p. 43)

The Music Vannie Liked:

You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Rolling Stones, Let it Bleed

“‘Looks like she’s got a new boyfriend,’ Vannie said to Denise.
‘Not a chance,’ Denise replied. ‘She’s won’t give him what he wants.’
You can’t always get what you want, Vannie mused, singing to herself very softly.” (p. 104)

Jack Arnold

“Jack’s hair and skin colouring were very much like his sister’s, reflecting both genetics and spending a lot of time in the sun. His hair was very full and shaggy, parted on one side and just barely touching his collar, with the ample sideburns that were the order of the day.” (p. 49)

The Music Jack Liked:

Sometime in Winter
Blood, Sweat and Tears

“By this time the stereo was playing ‘Sometime in Winter,’ a mellow lament of lost love. The Island was a place which redefined winter for many of those who came there, but tonight it was cold enough to awake both ancestral memories and present, passionless fact…Finally, he carefully replaced the joint in the cigarette holder, closed it and shoved it into his pocket. ‘I’m going to get her,’ he said. ‘I’m going to get her.'” (p. 119)

“Madeleine’s shoulder-length dirty blond hair and clear blue eyes made her a near replica of her Norman mother.” (p. 13)

The Music Madeleine Lived:

“Un aveugle à Jéricho (A Blind Man at Jericho)
Les Reflets, De l’abondance du coeur, la bouche parle (For what fills the heart will rise to the lips.)

“She reached into her purse and, after some riffling about, extracted a metal tube of aloe vera which she carried for her dry skin…She put her purse down, took the top off of the tube and set it aside also, got up, and walked over to Carol. For her part (blind) Carol sat contentedly and in silence, following with her ears Madeleine’s movement around the room.” (p. 88)

Carla Stanley

“A Sixth Former like Madeleine, Carla was almost the perfect ‘Aryan’ in appearance: bleached wavy blonde hair flowing down her back, blue eyes and fair complexion complemented by broad shoulders and a slender figure.” (p.28)

The Music Carla Lived:

“Pass it On”
One Way, The Alethians and the Right Angle with David Pope

“Carla could barely catch her breath. The statement she had been looking for was suddenly out, and she was totally unprepared for it. She felt that, if she said the wrong thing in response, she would hurt her friend, so she said nothing.” (p. 144)

Julian Lewis

“‘He was tall…he was an inch taller than you, and skinny, like you. His hair was a shade darker than mine. Kind of a nerd, but kind of cute, too.'” (p. 46)

The Music Julian Liked:

Brother James Air

Julian, a proper Anglican, makes more of an appearance in At the Inlet.

Terry Marlowe

“…whose…jet black hair went straight down to her waist. Her facial features, along with her hair, reflected her Sino-Italian background, especially the Chinese part…Terry’s use of bold colours was her preference but unnecessary to draw attention. At 181 centimetres, she was the tallest girl in the school…” (p. 44)

The Music Terry Liked:

“May I?”
Kevin Ayers and the Whole World, Shooting at the Moon

“She was taking the scene in while trying to put the day behind her when she heard a voice. ‘May I sit and stare at you for awhile? I’d like the company of your smile.’ She looked up. It was Jack.” (p. 65)

Catherine<br />(Cat) Arnold

“…a petite, miniskirted blonde with the rather strange combination of one grey eye and one green one.” (p. 44)

The Music Cat Lived:

One Bad Apple
Osmond Brothers

“‘Cat’s a teeny bopper,’ Jack observed.” (p. 66)

Alicia Decker

“Petite with long, straight auburn hair and a plastic hair bow, she eyed the young guard from head to toe.” (p. 173)

Click here to view what Alicia saw from the roof of the guest house, and the music that went with it.