In Part 1 (The Wetland Way) of The Island Chronicles, the heroine Terry Marlowe helps to conduct the Island’s greatest conflict, only to find the results bittersweet. The sweet part gets smaller when she finds herself dismissed from her position as Drahlan Royal Counsellor as a result of internal politics. However, Princess Darlene of her old enemy Serelia brings Terry to her own palace as a spiritual advisor. Serelia is an Anglican country, which puts Pentecostal Terry in a difficult position. Her position is further complicated by the sudden romantic interest of the Very Rev. Julian Lewis, the Cathedral’s organist and choirmaster. The resolution of this situation is a combination of both painful personal choices and hilarious church and state politics in the midst of the romance of two lonely people.

We selected this part of the series for two following reasons:

  • It is the shortest of the group, which makes it the easiest to serialise.
  • It is probably the greatest of interest to Anglicans, who make up a good portion of our visitors.  We spend a lot of time inside of the cathedral and the bishop’s palace in this work.

Note: this book is currently out of print. We will update this page when it is back in print.