This week I’m starting a blog of the “central” part of the Island Chronicles: The Wetland Way. It’s bracketed between its prequel The Ten Weeks and its immediate sequel At the Inlet. The published version of this–both paper and ebook–are in preparation and I’ll post information about this later.

The original narrative started on Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras for you NOLA types) and ended on Easter Sunday. Those of you who followed The Ten Weeks may recall that, when it was posted last year, the days of the week and the days of the month coincided. That could happen here if I waited until next year to post the novel; however, the liturgical year doesn’t line up, and for other reasons I think the time is now for this to be republished, both in blog form and elsewhere.

As was the case with The Ten Weeks, once I start this nothing else will be posted until it’s done (which should take up the whole month.) At the end a formal “table of contents” will appear with other links.

If you want to follow along, just subscribe to the blog at the subscribe box.

Years ago, I produced the image map above to promote these works. It’s time to go to port and make another voyage. Look forward to seeing you there.