The Physics of River Prediction

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Rivers support life and fuel civilization. They provide water for drinking, irrigate food crops, and help build everything from cars to computers. Their waters drive hydroelectric turbines that generate clean energy. Rivers have even supported nuclear physics developments that changed the course of a war: The hydroelectric complexes of the Columbia Basin Project and the Tennessee Valley Authority enabled energy-intensive uranium and plutonium refinement for the Manhattan Project.

Rivers have always been crucial transportation pathways. The exploration, settlement, and economic development of the Americas depended acutely on river navigation. The Danube serves as a trade route in Europe, much as it did for the Romans 2000 years ago, and today it carries commercial freight across the continent….

Belmont Harbour in Chicago — Construction and architecture

Belmont Harbor is located in the heart of beautiful Lincoln Park and is one of the largest harbors in the Chicago Harbors system. A favorite among families and long-time boaters, the harbor is surrounded by acres of park space and a beautiful skyline view to the south. There are 818 slips, mooring cans, and star […]

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Belmont Harbour is the main location for the Chicago Yacht Club, which played a central role in the Warringtons’ yachting history for most of its duration.  It’s located in Lincoln Park; the Chicago Yacht Club merged with the Lincoln Park Yacht Club in the early 1920’s, and the CYC adopted the Lincoln Park’s burgee as its own.

An aerial photo of Belmont Harbour in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s is below.  More photos from that era of the Chicago Yacht Club are here.

Belmont Harbor

Belmont Harbor, Chicago, late 1940’s or early 1950’s.

Case Study: Accurate Performance Predictions for Marine Propellers — Another Fine Mesh

This case study presents the benchmark validation of CFD simulation results of the Potsdam Propeller Test Case (PPTC) using CFD Support’s TCFD flow solver with a Pointwise mesh. PPTC is a marine propulsor that was extensively measured by SVA Potsdam. The aim of this benchmark was to evaluate the combined use of TCFD with Pointwise […]

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