Drydocks and Drydock Systems


Drydocking Facilities: Characteristics

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UFC 4-213-12
19 June 2003

Also Available: MIL-HDBK-1029/3, 30 September 1988
Supercedes NAVFAC DM 29.3

This handbook presents drydocking facilities characteristics in tabular and figure form for graving drydocks, marine railways and lifts. Plans are also presented indicating the locations of drydocking facilities in naval shipyards or other naval shore installations,

Graving Drydocks

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UFC 4-213-10
15 August 2002

MIL-HDBK-1029/l, 31 January 1989 (also available)
DM-29.1, May 1982

Design criteria and construction information for use by qualified engineers are presented for graving docks, category code 213-10. The contents include: dimensions and sites; structural theories; flooding and dewatering; fitting; ship blocking; ship industrial support facilities: utility services: entrance closures; construction practices.