Lectures on Nuclear Theory – Landau, Smorodinsky

In this post, we will see the book Lectures On Nuclear Theory by L. D. Landau; Ya. Smorodinsky. About the book This book is based on a series of lectures delivered to experimental physicists by one of the authors (L. Landau) in Moscow in 1954. In maintaining the lecture form in the printed edition we are emphasizing […]

Lectures on Nuclear Theory – Landau, Smorodinsky

A Tour of Our Fluid Mechanics Lab

This site is the instructor’s site for the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. All of the experiments we have performed have their own videos and you can see them from this site.

In preparation for our ABET re-accreditation, the Mechanical Engineering Department prepared an overall video featuring all of our labs. You can see it below: it’s cued up for the Fluids lab.

Some of the audio is broken up. That’s because the Fluids lab tends to be very reverberant, and the video producer tried to kill the echo. My own videos don’t have that level of sophistication so you can hear that to varying degrees.

Our emphasis was on the safety equipment and procedures we have in our lab. This is important for the welfare of our students, and I take this very seriously.

Sifting Through That Which Remains

A memorable quote from Anne Carlson Kennedy on the death of her own grandfather:

It’s only when you grow up and start trying to assemble bits of information together about the people who have put you in the car, and taken you out again, and lifted you up onto a stack of books on a chair, and taken you round the garden that you begin to discover that they are people too, that they have a whole life of success and disappointment, of hope and despair, just as you yourself do. But then death comes along and you can only go sifting back through the few photos that don’t get lost in all the moving. Reconciling your own sense of who they are and their own vast histories I guess is how you are meant to spend the rest of your own life.

That, in a sense, was the genesis of this site (and to some extent of this one.) It’s obvious that things have gotten a little off track. Mine was a family where there were many “narratives” but often the facts were obscure. It’s been a voyage of discovery. My father never liked this kind of investigation because those in the past were “no longer here to defend themselves.” But in reality I discovered that that legacy they really left behind (or what I could put together) was their defence, and an interesting one at that.

But ultimately what we leave behind is our defence, assuming it doesn’t get buried in someone’s “narrative.” That’s something we should think about, or perhaps should have thought about a long time ago.

Space and Time in the Microworld – Blokhintsev

In this post, we will see the book Space and Time in the Microworld by D. I. Blokhintsev  . About the book In comprehending the physical content of dynamic variables which have geometric meaning, for example, the space-time particle coordinates x, y, z, t it is often necessary to have recourse to gedanken experiments which, […]

Space and Time in the Microworld – Blokhintsev

Configuration Theorems – Argunov, Skornyakov

In this post, we will see the book Configuration Theorems by B. I. Argunov, L. A. Skornyakov. The book is a part of Topics in Mathematics series. We will see some more books in this series in the future. About the book This booklet presents several important configuration theorems, along with their applications to the study […]

Configuration Theorems – Argunov, Skornyakov