July 20, 1894 Errett Lobban Cord, industrialist and trend-setting automobile manufacturer, was born in the city of Warrensburg, Missouri. Cord, …

1894: The World Debut of an Automotive Trailblazer Who Was Also Invested in Airborne, Maritime, and Rail Transportation

Cord loomed large in Chet’s life. First, Chet was the Cord/Auburn/Duesenburg dealer in Washington, DC. Second, Chet was also the dealer for Cord’s Davis and Stinson aircraft, and Chet’s Stinson S Junior was the the plane he flew at the time of the first Washington Air Derby in 1932. Cord’s sale of all of this to AVCO in 1937 (which ended the Cord/Auburn Duesenberg line of cars) was a major event for Chet, who moved back to Chicago three years later.

Chet with his two loves and livelihoods, the airplane and the car. Photo taken at Congressional Airport in May 1930. The plane is a Davis D-1; Chet was a Davis dealer as well as a Stinson one, and he took his pilot’s license test in a Davis. His Davis “lot” was at Congressional.