And takes some home movies to record the visit:

The opening few seconds show a group of mechanical dinosaurs; this was probably the Sinclair Oil exhibit (fossil fuels.) The rest of it is a fast tour of the fair (Chet was notoriously ADD the way he panned and shot his videos) which focused on the Swiss exhibit. In spite of Chet’s interest in the emerging technologies of aviation and automobiles (he presided over the 1933 and 1934 Langley Day air shows in Washington) it’s interesting he focused so much on the “Old World” part of the fair.

Chet was born in Chicago and lived there until his father was appointed Engineer Commissioner of Lighthouses and Lightships by Theodore Roosevelt, when his family moved to Washington. In 1933 his last living uncle passed away, leaving him with the Vulcan Iron Works, the family business. He might have gone to Chicago to assume control of the business with this trip but again I’m not sure.

At the end I see my grandmother and father.