On Jay Leno’s Garage, he reviews and drives this beauty:

Chet was the Cord/Auburn/Duesenberg dealer in Washington, DC, as well as the dealer for the Davis and Stinson aircraft. He doubtless saw this at the 1933-4 Chicago World’s Fair; his home movies from that are below:

Chet didn’t buy the car for himself; below he’s with a Davis aircraft and a Cord L-29.

Chet with his two loves and livelihoods, the airplane and the car. Photo taken at Congressional Airport in May 1930. The plane is a Davis D-1; Chet was a Davis dealer as well as a Stinson one, and he took his pilot’s licence test in a Davis. His Davis “lot” was at Congressional.

There’s no doubt that Chet dealt–and rode and flew–in some of the best American technology of the time.