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Maintenance and Inspection of Marine Structures

Inspection of Shore Facilities

Volume 1, March 1993
Volume 2, January 1993
(Both in one document)

This manual is a guide for personnel who operate, inspect, test, certify, assess the condition of, and maintain shore facilities and equipment. It provides criteria, standards and procedures for development and implementation of a comprehensive Inspection/Assessment System.

Maintenance of Fender Systems and Camels

September 1990

This manual is a guide for inspection, maintenance, and repair of waterfront fender systems and camel structures. Introductory chapters provide a summary of responsibilities and policies, elements of maintenance planning, and overview of types of facilities. Inspection levels, methods, planning, and techniques and check-lists are covered for surface inspection. Preventive maintenance and typical repair methods and techniques are described and illustrated for timber, concrete, steel, and foam-filled fenders, and timber and steel framed camels.


Maintenance of Waterfront Facilities

Unified Facilities Criteria UFC 4-150-07
19 June 2001
Change 1, 1 September 2012

Supersedes MIL-HDBK-1104, 10 December 1999.
Earlier document available: USACOE TM 6-622/Navy MO-104, June 1978
Also available Maintenance of Waterfront Facilities, UFC 4-150-07, 19 June 2001

This military handbook is a guide for the inspection, maintenance, and repair of waterfront structures and related facilities. It is a source of reference for planning, estimating, and performing technical maintenance and repair work; and may serve as a training manual for waterfront facilities maintenance personnel.

This handbook provides guidance for maintenance and repair of waterfront facilities to retain them in continuous readiness for use by the Fleet and in support of military marine operations.

The types of waterfront facilities covered include:

  • Berthing facilities for mooring and for providing support to ships and craft.
  • Dry-docks used for modification, inspection, maintenance and repair of ships.
  • Components of waterfront structures such as piling, dolphins, bulkheads, and decks.
  • Fender systems are briefly considered.

Not specifically considered in this handbook are:

  • Coastal protection structures designed to protect shorelines or harbours.
  • Components of waterfront structures such as utility distribution systems and fleet moorings. The maintenance and repair of coastal protection structures is included in the Army Corps of Engineers, Coastal Engineering Manual, downloadable above. Repair of coastal structures is covered in more detail in USACE, Coastal Engineering Technical Notes and Repair, Evaluation, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation Technical Notes.
  • The maintenance of utility distribution systems is covered by various service manuals and commercial publications. NAVFAC MO-124, Mooring Maintenance, provides details on the maintenance of fleet mooring systems.

These documents, and all Government documents referenced in this handbook, provide additional guidance primarily to DOD and U.S. Coast Guard activities. They may also be useful, however, to commercial firms that provide waterfront repair for these activities.

Specialised Underwater Waterfront Facilities Inspections

October 1987

Specialized inspection Guidelines developed from evaluation of shore facilities are presented herein for use by public works managers. Basic criteria for specialized inspection including responsibilities, desirable inspection frequency, recommended standards, test procedures, identification of defects, hazard assessment, and report preparation of records are discussed. In addition, use of information obtained during specialized inspection and interface with activity inspection programs are discussed.

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